Graphic Design

My earliest interest in creative media was with graphic design. It was my major at Illinois State University and provided a strong foundation as I transitioned into other visual fields. Though demand for printed material has lessened over the last decade, the principles of good design have gained new significance when designing ultra-simplified application and website interfaces.

Springfield Public Schools

I have been designing printed and online material for Springfield Public Schools since 2005. One of the main challenges has been to bring the various styles of each school into a cohesive look that maintains consistency for the district while giving a personality to each building.

Illinois Environmental Council

I worked with the Illinois Environmental Council for several years, designing printed material, developing a website and photographing annual events.

Heinzel Ultra Compressed

In 2012, I made my own font for a short film I was making. Based on Helvetica Compressed, I created a hand-drawn variant that featured multiple versions of each letter.

Springfield Public Schools Web Banners

I've been designing the home page banner for the Springfield Public Schools' website for over four years. Every week I feature a teacher's photo gallery, and I design the banner using one or multiple photos from that album.

Safer Pest Control Project

I designed the newsletters and fact sheets of Safer Pest Control Project, a statewide organization dedicated to reducing the public health risks and environmental impacts of pesticides.


Logo design is one of the most difficult challenges, but it teaches you to have great discipline and patience. It's a tediously iterative process that boils a design down to its absolute essence.


Adding hand-drawn illustrations can help give a design an authentic and playful feel, such as these business cards I created for my personal website.

CGI Halfpipe

I utilized 3D computer modeling to create a virtual skateboard halfpipe, rendering photo-realistic images and building a complete parts list.