Video is a unique medium that combines so many distinct skill sets, from conception to pre-production to lighting, filming, editing, scoring and publishing. Yet tools exist to make a filmmaker out of us all. As technology changes the way we consume videos, so does our approach to storytelling.

Art Seeks was a personal project to raise awareness of the arts, to see artists in their element and to explore why people create. This video was conceived and completed within the span of one week and features a diverse range of artists in Springfield, Illinois.

I was the director of photography for this commercial for BUNN, created by The Storyteller Studios. This video won a 2015 People's Choice Telly award.

I created this time lapse over the course of a year in downtown Springfield, Illinois. The moving shots were accomplished with a homemade LEGO gear box. The music is original and was created in Logic Pro X.

Each school year, I attempted to document the excitement and chaos that is the first day of school. In 2013, I visited Washington Middle School and created this montage of their first day.

Deferred is a documentary film about the student loan crisis. I created this trailer using After Effects. There are several challenges with text-based trailers, such as choosing the right message, fine-tuning clip duration and holding the viewer's attention.

I created this video in 2012 to highlight the National Board Certified Teacher program in Springfield Public Schools.

Show & Tell was a web series I created on a whim one day when my kids wanted to make a video about parking meters. We made several short episodes on topics of their choosing, and I created graphics and music to tie it all together.

I produced this video for St. John's Children's Hospital that is used to introduce new patients to their facility. Most of the shots were to feature empty rooms, so I utilized various camera movements to bring life to the otherwise static images.

Paper Airplane was the first feature film produced by the Student Film Club, which was a creative filmmaking club for high school students that I co-advised for several years. This film won the Best Family Feature award at the 2011 Illinois International Film Festival.