Website Development

I have nearly twenty years of website development experience, starting in the early days of static html and ultra compressed images. Presently I create custom websites using object-oriented PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. My background in graphic design provides a strong foundation for front-end UI design.

I previously worked as the sole website developer for Springfield Public Schools. The fully-custom site featured a simple but powerful content management system, extensive tools for collaboration and offered a full website to every teacher and student. The site received 20,000+ visits a day, hosted 60,000+ unique pages and hosted over half a million photos.

The Springfield Public Schools website featured a deeply-integrated, completely custom content management system that was used by over 12,000 teachers and students. The tools allowed for easy editing with no knowledge of code. Editing was done primarily in repositionable panels that overlay main content areas.

Responsive design is simple: design a flexible website that scales and reflows to fit any display size. Mostly though, it forces you to reconsider your content and each design element in great detail.

The website for the 21 Film Project has been used by hundreds of filmmakers to register and upload their videos for judging in this annual festival. The website handles movies of any format and size by utilizing cloud-based servers.

Universal Achievement's website is an extremely simplified concept developed quickly to meet a tight deadline. Text-based content called for an overall design consisting primarily of stylized text and graphics. A framework chart doubles as an alternative navigation mechanism.

I co-created Humzoo in 2008, filling a need for high-quality, customizable and easy-to-use personal websites. The site unexpectedly grew into a close community, prompting us to add tools for online social interaction. This was one of the first website experiences I had that showed me the power and beauty of networking people together.

I created a custom object-oriented PHP framework that I use for several small websites. It offers a very flexible foundation to build on, provides very fast development times and takes advantage of the inherent extensibility of classes.