The office window

After I renovated the basement and built my new office, one remaining detail was to install a covering for the new window. This particular window presented a couple unique challenges. The window itself tilts open, projecting far past the plane of the inside trim (ruling out any sort of normal blinds). And I wanted something that could lock, preventing (or at least slowing down) any potential break-ins. Read More →

An evening walk with Martin

Martin and I took a little walk in Washington Park tonight. It was hot, and we were both sweaty and tired. But I brought along the camera and snapped a few photos anyway. It's been awhile since I've taken photos for fun, and it was great to look through a lens again. Read More →

The new office

When Martin hit the six months mark, we had to evict him from our bedroom. Instead of putting Ethan and Mia in the same room or putting Martin with one of them, the only logical room available was my office. So as it goes, I was voted off the island. And I needed a new space. Read More →

Stills from Emily

I recently wrapped production on a new short film, Emily. The project came about while Stella and I were texting about her demo reel, and before I knew it, we had decided to shoot a whole new film over her spring break. Read More →

Another short film

Yesterday I wrapped shooting for a new short film, Emily. I'll blog more about it later, but for now I'll just share some photos from filming. I am usually so focused when filming that I neglect taking behind-the-scenes photos or video, but fortunately I got a few clips this time. Read More →


My driver's license says I weigh 200 pounds. This has been a joke most of my adult life, as I have hovered around the low 230s for almost two decades. It's a comfortable weight for a computer-bound, 6'3" guy. Not obese, but soft. Plenty of padding for the Midwestern winters. Read More →


Last September, DSI approached me about making a video for their 25th Anniversary dinner in January of this year. Martin had just come home from the hospital, January seemed a million miles away and I had no projects on my plate at the time. So I said yes. Read More →


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