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Out West with the family

I scheduled a week-long vacation in early June. I wasn't planning on going anywhere -- I just had too many vacation days to carry over into July. There were a lot of projects around the house I was looking forward to catching up on. But somehow Hannah and I decided instead to load up the entire family and every single thing we could physically fit into the van and drive west. Read More →


I'm happy to share 'Emily,' a short film I made in 2018 starring Stella Cole and Mary Young. It's a little weird and a little intense, and I'm really proud of what we all made. I didn't touch this for months until tonight, but after a few last edits, it's done. Read More →

Making the tiny room

There were five people ahead of me at the fabric table line in Joann Fabrics. All were women in their 50s-60s. More started stacking up behind me, all holding various bolts of fabric. My mind wandered to what sorts of projects they were all working on, then to the bolts I was carrying. Was the off-white linen too sheer? Was the teal too teal? Read More →

Building a tiny chair

In the midst of building a tiny room for a photo shoot, it became apparent that I needed an anchor piece of furniture. After a good deal of internet research, procrastination and then more internet research, I found myself making a one-third scale mid-century modern chair. Read More →

Studio portraits

Most of my creative time in 2018 was focused on filmmaking. After wrapping up a film that was emotionally exhausting, I wanted to get back into the studio and shoot some portraits. Read More →

Office portraits

I've unintentionally taken a long break from studio photography. I had some free time last night and decided to get back into it, shooting a new profile pic in my office. Read More →

After Emily

My latest short film, Emily, premiered ten days ago at the Studio. It was a fun night with a packed house that also heard Arlin's new album played in its entirety. The night was over before it seemed like it started, and another premiere night was behind me. Read More →

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