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by Dave Heinzel, February 18, 2014

The point is at the end

Take just a moment to think about all of the absolutely amazing achievements of the human race over the past couple hundred years. As a species, we’re on fire.

We used to use horses for transportation. Which is pretty awesome if you think about it. But they were too slow. So we invented something better.

It took awhile, but we got it.

And how about electricity? Maybe we didn’t invent it, but we found out how to generate it, store it and use it in ways that couldn’t have been imagined two hundred years ago.

And light bulbs. I mean, just for a minute, think about what it must have been like before we had light bulbs. I imagine that it’s kind of like what happens when the power goes out in a storm, which is kind of neat, for like, the first five minutes.

And plastics! And metals! Good lord, we have come up with some crazy awesome materials that let us basically make anything we want and price it just within reach of the average hard-working citizen.

Anyway, we’ve been doing some good stuff you guys. I’m proud of you.


All of this ingenuity has resulted in a world in which we drive cars from place to place across a road system that is extremely complex. Yet it works, for the most part. We have agreed that a portion of all of our money should be used by the government to create and maintain this system of roads, bridges and traffic lights. It’s a beautiful combination of so many amazing inventions and technologies that combine to incrementally help us live our lives, enabling us to have the freedom of mobility in a way never before imagined.

And the safety systems we have in place... my goodness. Airbags. Seat belts. Brake lights. Heck, brakes themselves! Guys, it’s all coming together!

We even came up with a brilliant system that lets you know when the driver in front of you plans on turning. The turn signal — a seemingly simple thing — is in many ways the epitome of everything we’ve been working towards. It combines the lightbulb with electric circuits and plastics and serves a critical purpose in the extremely complex system of roadways that we rely on.

So, I just have to ask... after all that humanity has achieved, with the unbelievable advancements of our species and technological hurdles that have been overcome... with all the considerations of a complex society of people all trying to transport themselves and loved ones with speed and safety... after all this, why then are some of you people too damn lazy to use your turn signal? Have you no sense of your placement in the larger picture of life and the universe? Do you have any idea how remarkable and unlikely it is that you have, at your disposal, this amazing piece of technology that would baffle every single human that has come before you for thousands and thousands of years up until the past hundred years? Your turn signal is not an inconvenience. It’s a celebration of everything we’ve been working on as a species and society. Just use the thing.


I was inspired, And then I laughed. But I was still inspired.

Feb 18, 2014, 4:15 P.M.

I was thinking you were heading toward a Louis CK moment like this http://www.criticalcommons.org/Members/fsustavros/clips/louis-ck-technology

Feb 18, 2014, 7:33 P.M.