Elf Houses

Elf Houses

Handmade wooden elf doors and houses, various locations.



Web and iOS app I created to better track my running. I hand-coded an entire cloud syncing system, built a smart GPS tracking system, and added tools as I tried to run every street in my city.

Beer DudeMore

Beer Dude

Original game, created in Flash in 2004, recreated for iOS in 2014 (first in Objective-C, then Swift). Fully custom game engine and collision detection. Beer Dude 2 forever coming soon.

Chess Table

Chess Table

Repurposed drawer turned into an end table that converts into a chess table.

Chess Table

3D Computer Modeling

Various scenes and objects modeled, lighted and rendered digitally.

Crayong Drawings

Crayon Drawings

Portraits at various scales drawn with black crayons.

Coffee TableMore

Coffee Table

Coffee table built from logs I collected and milled.