Teacher Voice in Corona-Norco

Featuring Corona-Norco Unified School District in Southern California, this video was part of a series created by CEC to look at how empowering teachers as leaders can transform education.


The Studio Show

Local arts and comedy series featuring artist interviews, short films, sketch comedy, nature breaks and more. The Studio Show launched in 2015 and featured 24 episodes over 3 seasons. All episodes are available on YouTube.



This short film promoting downtown Springfield was created in 2018 for Downtown Springfield Incorporated's 25th anniversary.



After the unexpected death of her mother, a young woman struggles to cope with grief and guilt. Starring Stella Cole and Mary Young. Filmed on location in Springfield, Illinois in 2018.

Art Seeks

Art Seeks goes into the studio with artists to see where they work, hear what inspires them and discover why they create. Hear why we need arts in education, play in childhood and color in life. This is a follow-up to Art Speaks, which looked at arts in education.

A Year of Light

I spent a year photographing time-lapse sequences from my apartment.

Bunn Coffee

Short branding film for Bunn coffee highlighting products in various aspects of life throughout a day.


Springfield Clinic

Video highlighting cancer success stories. Part of a series created for Springfield Clinic's Full-Spectrum Care campaign.

Trauma-Informed Schools

Part one in a series highlighting the emerging work of the Southland Initiative, which focuses on the damaging effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). See the second video in this series, Part Two: A Journey Towards Trauma-Informed Schools.


Show & Tell

Series of short videos featuring my kids talking about things. My most popular series on YouTube, with over 10 million views.


'Sarah' follows a nineteen year old coping with depression and the mundane in her small Midwestern hometown. Starring Stella Cole. Written and directed by Dave Heinzel and Emma Wilson.


A pencil-drawn short animation I created for the Studio Show.

Fear Of Straight Lines

Music video for Arlin Peebles.

Wayward Motel

Music video for Wayward Motel.

Michael Dunbar

An introduction to the work of sculptor Michael Dunbar.


Paper Airplane

A feature film created by the high school Student Film Club in 2011. The Student Film Club produced a weekly television show, created many short films and produced this award-winning feature film.